Laser treatment for fungal nails

Thanks to the advancement of medical and chiropody technology, you can now enjoy simple treatments for fungal nails. At our Solihull and Birmingham clinics, we can use lasers to remove all types of fungal infection from your feet in no time at all.

Quick and easy laser fungal nail treatments

Our laser treatment for fungal nail infections is the most effective treatments available; without side effects and requiring no oral medication. It is a fast, easy and extremely effective procedure that is completely non-invasive.

The course of laser treatment requires four weekly intervals.

•  98% effective (Large scale clinical trial)
•  Dual laser
•  No pain
•  Faster healing/growth

The course of laser treatment requires weekly intervals treatments and works on even on the most severe of fungal nail infections.

How does the 'Cold' laser work?

The Lunula Cold Laser  is designed specifically to treat onychomycosis. It combines 2 therapeutic wavelengths:

 • 405 nm has a fungicidal effect, generates hydrogen peroxide creating an antimicrobial response
• 635 nm stimulates an immune response and increased circulation to initiate a healing responses
• It will encourage quicker nail regrowth than thermal lasers