Expert Pain Relief Treatments
With many years of experience in working with the elderly and professional sportsmen and women, we have been trained and have developed various techniques to help with reducing and eliminating foot pain including:

• Shockwave
• Biomechanics
• Prolotherapy
• Rossiter's Pain Relief Method

Much of the ground we walk on is man-made and we yield to it, it does not yield to us. The more this is intensified e.g. poor footwear, running, jumping the more adaptation. This adaptation causes miss alignment of the joints not only in the foot but the whole body If you take your ankle and move it watch the effect it has on your forefoot, Knee, hip, lower back, spine, shoulders and neck.

So by adapting the person naturally within the shoe by insoles to the ground this aims to rebalance the individual and reduce many problems including callous, heel/ankle pain, knee/hip and lower back pain.

Biomechanical Assessment
Assessment involves a complex evaluation of the feet, legs and and body position whilst weight-bearing and not weight-bearing.

This information leads to the basis for an individual treatment plan for each patient.

Insoles are one course of treatment and these may be basic with a few additions or a more complex prescription custom made for the individual. They are uniquely fitted to the individual, helping to re-balance the lower limb, impreove performance and therefore reduce the risk of injury.

G Walk
G Walk is the most accurate way to biomechanically help the back, hips and knees resulting in the correct prescription insoles for a patient. G walk accurately measures gait (walking movement) and all 3 pelvic movements.

Measurements are taken using a belt worn by the patient. This data is then fed back to a computer and the data is then analysed by the podiatrist.

Specialist - Pelvic Torsion Test
This is the only accurate way of measuring leg length discrepancies, which is often the underlying reason to foot, knee, hip and back problems.

As used by top premiership players at St George's Park (SGP) is the English Football Association's national football centre  for the England football team and many other top sports people and everyday pain including hip and knee replacements.

Only a few people in the country at present have the equipment and training to use this assessment.